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United States Army Transportation School awarded an accrediation rating of Institution of Excellence.

The Transportation Corps is a Force Sustainment branch of the U.S. Army headquartered at Fort Lee, Virginia, and is responsible for the movement of personnel and materiel by truck, rail, air, and sea. The Transportation Corps provides a full spectrum of transportation capabilities at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels of war.

The Transportation School trains Soldiers how to operate and maintain Army tactical trucks, material handling equipment and watercraft. The school trains Transportation Operations, Traffic Management, Convoy Operations, Cargo Transfer, Cargo Documentation, Movement Control, Operation of Heavy Material Handling Equipment, Sailing and Maintenance of Army Vessels, and Unloading Aircraft, Ships, Railcars and Trucks.

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The 119th ICTC recovered a 10K in early September while deployed. This provided them a way to showcase their Soldier skills in a deployed environment. Soldiers of the 689th RPOE conducted annual CBRN training by entering the “gas chamber” to test and gain confidence in their equipment. BG Russell and RCSM Howard traveled to the White House Transportation Agency in Washington, DC to present several Soldiers with the St. Christopher medal BG Russell and RCSM Howard visiting the White House Transportation Agency recently, meeting with Soldiers and touring the facility. The WHTA provides transportation services to various organizations within the Beltway. Soldiers of the 155th Inland Cargo Transfer Company (ICTC), 53rd Trans BN (MC) conduct sling load training with 5-159 ANV REGT on JBLE recently. The training allowed Soldiers to hone their sling loading skills which helps keep units in the fight. Soldiers of the 155th Inland Cargo Transfer Company (ICTC), 53rd Trans BN (MC) conduct sling load training with 5-159 ANV REGT on JBLE recently. The training allowed Soldiers to hone their sling loading skills which helps keep units in the fight. Soldiers of the 384th Movement Control Team participated in a Total Force Integrations Logistics Over the Shore exercise from 19-25 August on Ft. Story, VA providing cargo ITV while utilizing Army watercraft. The 567th TC unit conducted RO/RO operations recently; utilizing Army watercraft and Cargo Handling equipment to move cargo.

2015 TC Regimental Awardees

2015 CLEA Awards Ceremony

The Regimental Awards Program was created to recognize outstanding individuals and units (both past and present) who have helped fulfill the Corps’ mission in very special ways, or who have brought known credit to the Regiment over the course of its long and proud history. Please join us in congratulating this years Hall of Fame, Distiguished Members of Regiment, and Regimental Officer, Warrant Officer, and Civilian of the year inductees. continue


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Today the Army projects its combat power to locations throughout the world suing a joint deployment process in all environments utilizing multiple modes of transportation. This requires detailed & timely planning, accurate documentation and data provision, visibility throughout the process, immediate and rapid response, the simultaneous execution of multiple actions, as in -depth knowledge of regional nodes and regulatory guidelines, and immense personal courage and sacrifice; all hallmarks of military logisticians and skills that are sought-after in commercial transportation environments.


A look inside a U.S. Army transportation exercise

A look inside a U.S. Army transportation exercise

Nationwide Move 2015 is a U.S.-wide transportation operation conducted by the U.S. Army to keep the logistical skills of its soldiers razor sharp.



Past News

TC Professional Bulletin (CAC required)

TC Professional Bulletin

Welcome to the current issue of the TC Professional Bulletin. As we move into the summer months, we will commemorate the Transportation Corps with our annual Regimental Celebration from 30-31 July. This year’s events will include the 2015 Regimental Awards ceremonies, Regimental Picnic, Regimental Run and conclude with the TC Ball. I would like to thank all those who submitted Regimental Award nominations to recognize our deserving Transporters for their contributions to the Corps and our Army. Mark your calendars as this year’s celebration will be a great opportunity for camaraderie and esprit de corps!

DTO/MO Newsletter (CAC required)

DTO/MO Newsletter

Happy 73rd birthday to the Transportation Corps! Welcome to the third issueof the DTO/MO Newsletter for 2015. Topics range from the 7th TB(X) conducting the C/JLOTS 2015 in Korea to the listing of the DEA 2014 Competition Year Winners presented in the 2015 CLEA Ceremony at the Pentagon. I encourage you to read and share this product with the professionals in your organization. As the COT, I am committed to partnering with you as we continue to improve our deployment skills. If you have any comments about any of these articles, please let us know. We look forward to getting your ideas into the decision cycle here at the Sustainment Center of Excellence. We also have plans to initiate a "DTO-Connect" in the 1st Quarter of FY 16.

Command Deployment Discipline Program Handbook (CAC required)

Command Deployment Descipline Program - Handbook

The Center for Army Lessons Learned has published CALL Handbook 15-01: Command Deployment Discipline Program. It is a tool for commanders to enhance unit deployment readiness. It is a combination of doctrinal and regulatory tasks that address Army standards, fundamentally focused on equipment movement and associated tasks from division to company level, to include installation tasks. The handbook can only be accessed online digitally via Common Access Card at present. This page will be updated when hard copies are available.

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This page last updated: September 28, 2015

Chief of Transportation Regimental Command Sergeant Major Cynthia B. Howard

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