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19th ESC performs watercraft mission in Korea

19th ESC SPO Mobility conducts administrative duties with ROK Immigrations and Quarantine Offices for PULSE-W Ammo DEMIL 24 hours prior to Army Vessel arrival, the 19th ESC Liaison must meet with ROK Officials at both the ROK Immigration and Quarantine Offices to discuss an array of matters. 19th ESC Liaison CW4 Lansford awaits LCU-2000’s entry into Jinhae Port. This is only possible after correct documentation and coordination with ROK officials is executed. 19th ESC SPO Mobility conducts vessel operations for PULSE-W Ammo DEMIL “Turn-Three” at Jinhae Ammo Port. U.S. Army Mariners from the 10th Transportation Battalion navigate into Jinhae Ammo Pier in near zero visibility conditions to support “Third Turn” of Ammo DEMIL operations. A ROK NCO and U.S. Soldiers strengthen the alliance by working combined cargo operations. This combined effort allowed the timeline to be met due to inclement morning weather. 19th ESC SPO Mobility conducts rail and staging operations for PULSE-W Ammo DEMIL “Turn-Four” at Jinhae Ammo Pier. ROK Soldiers disembark from a KORAIL personnel car upon arrival to Jinhae Ammo Pier. ROK Soldiers provide security during the entire rail movement until reaching port. A ROK Soldier operates a KALMAR to offload rail cars.  A 6th Ordnance QASAS supervises Ammo DEMIL relocation as a ROK Soldier ground guides to ensure safe cargo operations. 19th ESC SPO Mobility conducts rail and staging operations for PULSE-W Ammo DEMIL “Turn-Five” at Jinhae Ammo Pier. ROK Soldiers remove security ties and unlock rail cars, preparing the DEMIL TEU’s for offload, as a 6th Ordnance QASAS conducts quality control inspection of the arrived cargo. A KALMAR is used to download the DEMIL TEU’s from KORAIL railcars. These containers will be staged and segregated for “Turn Five” of the LCU vessel sail. 19th ESC SPO Mobility conducts vessel operations for PULSE-W Ammo DEMIL “Turn-Five” at Jinhae Ammo Pier. The LCU 2015 (USAV Contreras) and LCU 2035 (LCU USAV Port Hudson) enter Jinhae Pier for their final discharge of 56 empty TEUs that will be used for future Ammo DEMIL operations. The final Ammo DEMIL TEU is uploaded onto the USAV Conteras. This was the final 315 S/Ts of Ammo DEMIL that the  LCU transported on its lone voyage back to Hiro, Japan.


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An M915 is offloading from the LCU "Malvern Hill"

JTF 7 Demonstrates Supply Delivery Beyond the Confines of an Established Port Facility

Anchorage, AK – Members of the 7th Transportation Brigade (Expeditionary) and the JTF 7 JLOTS team demonstrated the ability to surgically deliver relief supplies by water over surfaces other than ports.  continue

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Joint Logistics Over the Shore: Soldiers, sailors integrate into Alaska Shield 2014

Joint Logistics Over the Shore: Soldiers, sailors integrate into Alaska Shield 2014

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A military tugboat was one of many items lifted off a U.S. Navy cargo ship at the Port of Anchorage Thursday, March 27. The tug will be used to help establish a Joint Logistics Over The Shore operation to move military and disaster relief supplies into the area.  continue

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Video: U.S. Army LCU Port Operations in Korea for PULSE-W

From 'U.S. Army LCU Port Operations in Korea for PULSE-W' video still

Published on Apr 13, 2014
The United States Army employs many modes of transportation, to include specialized watercraft. In this video we pull into port to see how these vessels help strengthen ties between the U.S. and the Republic of Korea. A1C Ashley Powell - Reporting from Jinhae, Korea/CPT Milena Williams - Transportation Officer/LTC Choi Jae Dyk - Port Commander

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Transportation Corps Quarterly SIGACTS Report 1st QTR FY14

Quarterly SIGACTS Report

I invite you to take the time to review our new and improved TC Quarterly Significant Activities Report. The intent of this report is to keep all in our TC community up to date on the major developments affecting our Corps, as well as to advertise the great work of our Transporters in the field. We've changed the report's format to make it more user-friendly and have been selective on the topics covered to ensure relevancy to our entire community. We hope you find this report useful and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

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Division Transportation Officer & Mobility Officer Newsletter

Volume X, Issue 1 | January - March 2014

The DTO/MO Newsletter is a vehicle to disseminate recent developments in Army Deployment concepts, procedures and issues.

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