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     About the Museum

The U.S. Army Transportation Museum artifact collection numbers just under 7,000 objects, plus another 1,000 exhibit props.  The collection includes nearly 100 macro artifacts ranging from planes, helicopters, tugboats and landing craft to trucks, jeeps, hovercraft and trains. 

Approximately 25% of the museum collection comes from general public donations, while the remainder comes through transfers, bequests,  and other sources.  The museum ranks as one of the largest museums in  the Army Museum system and typically has about 25% of the collection on display at any given point in time.

Some of the unique items in the collection include the only surviving gun truck from the Vietnam War and the only surviving hovercraft to see combat in Vietnam.  The museum also houses a unique collection of experimental aircraft and the first helicopter to fly at the South Pole.


To collect, preserve, educate and exhibit the history of transportation in the U.S. Army, beginning with the Continental Army in 1775 and continuing through the eras of conflict and peace to the formal establishment of the Transportation Regiment on 26 July 1986, and to the present date.

To promote transportation heritage to military and civilian visitors and to promote a source of pride and espirit de corps within the Transportation Regiment.

To communicate through exhibits and programs,  the role of United States Army Transportation and its efforts and accomplishments in the development of our nation.

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